5 Tips for Painting the Interior of a Home

Painting the interior of home is a fun and exciting task that requires preparation, time, and patience. Before beginning, it is imperative that you find a color you are confident will best suit your home. Once you have your selection, get an estimate on how much paint you will need: are you painting the downstairs, the upstairs, or both? Last, but certainly not least, make sure you have all the necessities required that include: brushes, primer, rollers, trays, tape, coverings, etcetera. 


A fabulous paint job always begins with the neatness of clean walls. You should remove things like: cobwebs, dust, tape, thumbtacks, nails, glue, and thick smudges. Patching up cracks or punched in holes is also a must as no paint will successfully cover up any of these damages. Remember to sand out the irregularities after patching to smooth the wall out. If you paint over any of these, the outcome of the project will be entirely pervaded with flaws. 


To avoid spilling or splattering paint onto your floors and/or furniture, lay out several canvas drops. The canvas drops will absorb the splattering and any potential accidents that may come about; which will make the cleaning up easier on your part. 


Outline the walls you’re intending to paint with masking tape. Masking allows for a perfect “within the line” paint job. You’ll be able to avoid painting over or into moldings, windows, lamps, and light switches. 


Prep the walls with a primer before painting the chosen color onto them. The primer will provide a layer between the old coat of paint and the new coat. It will also allow for the new coat of paint to adhere to the wall successfully.


Start with one wall and paint in an up and down motion until the primer behind is no longer visible. When you’re done, take a break and assess what you’ve so far completed. Go back and cover up any spots or areas you’ve missed. If you’re comfortable with the results, continue on. Remember not to rush through the job.

For a professional paint job, whether you don’t have the time or cannot adequately paint a portion of your home, call the professionals at Peach Construction in Edmond, OK. Being in business for 31 years has proven Peach Construction to be respected group of contractors and handymen. 

Get the painting done with a professional painter in the greater Oklahoma City area: http://peachconstruction.com/


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