Home Improvement on a Budget

When you are a homeowner, it seems like home improvement projects are never ending. In this economy, we need to be able to improve our homes in an economical fashion and still get a great looking home that we love to come home to at the end of the day. Here we will list some of the cheapest home improvement projects that will improve your home but not damage your wallet!

One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do is to give your rooms a fresh coat of paint. Nothing brightens a room and gives it that “new” feel like a fresh coat of paint. It will give your room a new life and a new personality.

Replacing your doorknobs and drawer handles can give your kitchen and rooms a fresh and updated look in just minutes.

Replace your thermostat with an energy efficient, programmable thermostat. They can be bought inexpensively, and not only will they help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature, it will save you quite a bit of money on your heating and cooling bills. This improvement will basically pay for itself in energy savings.

Sprucing up your yard can give you better curb appeal and also make you say “I’m Home” when you pull into the driveway. All it takes is some of your elbow grease and sweat to clean up your yard, mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and get it in tip top shape. Spread some new mulch and add some new flowers to add a fresh feel to your yard at a low cost. 

De-cluttering is a project that will not only make you feel better about your home, you can make money or earn a tax deduction from selling or donating your unwanted items. Going through your home, room to room, and getting rid of the items you no longer need or use will give you a less cluttered house and help relieve the mess that can be hard to keep up with.

Give your rooms a deep cleaning, from scrubbing the walls to cleaning the carpets or cleaning the grout. A deep cleaned and de-cluttered room will give it a new life and help you enjoy being there more.

DIY yourself projects are so important, but at other times, projects aren’t as simple as DIY. That’s when you need to hire a contractor or handyman for the job. At Peach Construction in Edmond, OK, we’ll help you with the projects you can’t do yourself and make them come to life quickly and for a low price. 

We make Oklahoma City remodeling and contract work come to life. Find us online at http://peachconstruction.com/


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