Thinking About Repairing Your Roof?

Homeowners who have noticed that their roof is leaking, is missing shingles or is in such disrepair that it’s time to replace the roof on their house should know what steps to take in order to ensure that they are selecting a reliable contractor to handle roof repair. In order to protect yourself from hiring roofing contractors having little experience, no insurance and shoddy work habits that waste your valuable time and money, there are certain things to consider when selecting the right roofing contractor.

Get referrals for reliable roof repair contractors from the local homeowners association or ask friends or family members for recommendations of companies that they have used successfully in the past. Only deal with contractors who have current and valid business licenses to do business in the area and have valid liability insurance policies to protect both you and their workers when they are doing business on your property. 

Interview at least three roofing contractors before selecting the right one and meet in person so they can see the job you need done on your roof firsthand. Find out how long the company has been doing business and whether or not they use their own well-trained employees or subcontract roof repair jobs to other unknown businesses. A reputable roof repair contractor will offer you an estimate in writing outlining everything they recommend being done to repair or replace your roof, including a timetable for completion of the project and an estimated price. 

Ask for references of other customers who have used their roof repair service and then contact those people and ask how pleased they were with the finished job and how the contractor handled any problems or challenges that have arisen. Carefully review any contract before signing on the dotted line and take a pass on doing business with any contractor for roof repair that requires payment for the entire job upfront. A reputable contractor usually requires only payment of one-third upfront, either by credit card or check, with the balance due upon successful completion of the repair project.

Get a warranty in writing before proceeding with any roofing repair project so you know what sort of guarantee you can count on and how long your roof repair job should last. A reliable and experienced contractor for roof repair will be direct and honest with you and tell you if a new roof replacement is a better option than wasting money on a repair which may prove to be temporary at best.

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Time to Remodel in Oklahoma City

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